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Some better news in the Tropics.Hurricane Florence has weakened a bit as it approaches the U.S. mainland and is now a Category 2 hurricane, however major storm surge and flooding rains are still probable. The size of the storm has grown and the fact that the storm will stall over land has officials very concerned about catastrophic flooding.  Residents from Georgia to Virginia should still be on alert. Tropical Storm Isaac has encountered some wind shear and looks like it could fizzzle out over the weekend.



27 year old Hilberto Gaspar-Miguel,and 17-year old Maria Lopez-Simon have been charged with two counts of child neglect each for allegedly leaving their two children in a hot car for more than an hour while visiting Family Heathcare Centers. The kids were taken to Golisano Children’s Hospital  and treated for heat exhaustion and dehydration. DCF is investigating.


A 57 year old Cape Coral man, suspected of being a serial bank robber has been shot and killed  in Kentucky during a shootout with law enforcement. Police believe Edward Reynolds robbed several local banks here in Southwest Florida. A police officer was also wounded in the shootout. He’s in critical but stable condition.



  • Nancy Crampton-Brophy, a novelist who once wrote an essay titled “How To Murder Your Husband”, has been arrested for… well, take a guess.
  • That’s right, Crampton-Brophy was arrested last week and charged in the murder of her husband Daniel, who was found dead from a gunshot wound on June 2nd.  A neighbor says Crampton-Brophy “never showed any signs of being upset or sad” after her husband was killed.
  • The 68-year-old Portland woman is a self-published author of ‘romantic suspense’ novels.  But in 2011, she wrote a blog post called “How To Murder Your Husband” which speculated on different ways to off a “lying, cheating bastard”.
  • Do you enjoy murder mysteries?  What about ‘romantic suspense’?  Ever think about self-publishing a book?





Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran and U2 are among the artists nominated for American Music Awards…….