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Two people were killed, two other wounded at a shooting at the Bell Tower Shops last night during a woman’s birthday celebration. We don’t have a lot of details, but apparently the shooting took place near Society Nightclub and TGI Fridays. Police are still looking for the shooter. We have no ID’s on anyone involved.


Hurricane Michael is a beast…Now a category 4 storm headed for landfall in the panhandle later today. We’ll see an increase in winds and rain today as a result of the storm…We did see some neighborhoods get flooded at high tide yesterday…and that could happen again today in areas that normally see flooding…We’ll have  complete reports w/ Jason Dunning throughout the morning.


58 year old Dhaniram Sukhdeo of Alva has been arrested and charged with nine counts of Unlawful Confinement/Abandonment of Animals. Police say their Agricultural Unit found nine emaciated pigs confined in a small enclosure.  The animals were without food and the only water available to them was dark green in color. The pigs were confiscated and are under veterinary care.


Meet the “Most Wanted Deadbeat” dad who owes more than US$4.2 million in unpaid child support, dating back to 1994.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Inspector General , authorities are searching for David Lawrence Adams, who is believed to have fled Florida to Israel to avoid child support payments he was obligated to start paying back in the 90’s. An arrest warrant was issued over 10 years ago, but he remains at-large, Adams currently owes $4,219,040, including interest.