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Delish has given us a list of things we should never eat for lunch. By the looks of it, we might be hungry for the rest of the day. Pasta is at the top of the list. Too many carbs are the enemy here. Pre-packaged sandwiches are not recommended because of the number of preservatives. If you thought juices were a healthy alternative, think again. A lot of them are packed with sugar. Iceberg lettuce based salads usually have a lot of unhealthy stuff on top of them…like fatty dressings, bacon, and cheese. The old standby of a burger and fries also makes the non-recommended list. That meal is packed with a lot of calories and fat. Leftovers from home, mac and cheese, and birthday cake shouldn’t be on your lunch menu either. What do you normally eat for lunch? Are any of these items on your list? Do you try to eat healthy at lunchtime?