What SWFL Is Talking About 11/26

A tragic story on this Holiday weekend as a 1 year old boy was killed when he was run over in a driveway on Bessie Avenue in Tice. The child was pronounced dead at the hospital, the driver has not been charged.

A man is dead after a shooting incident in Lehigh Acres Saturday night. The dead man identified as Paul Peterson. No arrests and the investigation is continuing.


An accidental shooting in the Cape over the weekend, when a gun discharged in the back seat of a car hitting the driver multiple times. Reportedly the passenger was unloading the gun in the car and it accidentally fired.

Thanksgiving Day on Pace for Record $3.7B in Online Sales


  • Thanksgiving marked the fastest growing day for e-commerce sales in history. The day is on pace for a record $3.7 billion in online sales.
  • Shoppers spent 8% more online on Thursday compared to a year ago.
  • Orders from smartphones accounted for more than a third of all sales.
  • For the holiday season they are forecasting $124 billion in U.S. online sales.


Man Finds 7.5M in a Storage Container He Bought for $500


  • It's the classic case of, what would you do?
  • A bargain hunter buys a storage unit for $500.
  • In it there was a safe. The safe contains $7.5M.
  • As soon as they make the financial revelation they were contacted by a lawyer representing the previous owners of the storage unit.
  • They were offered $600,000 to return the money. The deal was then upped to $1.2M.