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Police have arrested 25 year old Javarus Pointer of North Fort Myers in connection with a teenage girl’s death Wednesday. He’s been charged with unlawful sexual activity with a minor and delivery of a controlled substance to a minor in connection with the death. That controlled substance found to be heroin. Police were on scene most of the day Wednesday investigating the girl’s death on North 2nd Street. Pointer is not facing homicide charges.



You may not have realized it, but during last week’s rare winter storm, Southwest Florida experienced what weather experts call a meteotsunami, which sent a wall of water barreling onshore. The sudden surge of water is termed as  a meteotsunami, which the American Meteorological Society calls ocean waves “caused by traveling air pressure disturbances associated with atmospheric sources.  Additional meteotsunamis could occur this winter  due to the weather pattern known as El Nino.



The moral of this story…Don’t call cops for help if you have an active warrant. A mistake made by 25 year old Jacary Carter of Lehigh Acres, who called police after becoming a victim of a carjacking. That’s when Lee County Deputies discovered he had an active warrant for burglary. He’s facing several charges. No word on if police have caught the carjacker.