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Gov. Ron DeSantis announced that he would be signing an executive order eliminating education involving common core standards used in Florida’s education system, and he wants more of an emphasis on civics courses in the Florida curriculum. DeSantis made his announcement yesterday at Ida Baker High School in Cape Coral.


A drive by shooting last night near Henderson Avenue and Thomas Street in Fort Myers, near Franklin Park Elementary left at least three hurt. Police have not released any more information.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office conducted what they dubbed the “Bonita Winter Blitz,” which netted arrests of 15 street level drug dealers. Sheriff Carmine Marceno said he expects more arrests as a result of this operation, which yielded cocaine, Fentanyl and methamphetamine.


No word on the cause and thankfully no injuries last night when the roof of the Chase Bank building on Pine Ridge Road in Naples collapsed. The bank will be closed until repairs can be made.


An attempted marijuana buy behind North Fort Myers Walmart ends up in an armed robbery and shooting with two North Fort Myers teens ending up in jail. 18 year old William Laute, is  in Lee County Jail on $400,000 bond with an arraignment scheduled for March 4. 17 year old  Dallas Livolsi, was taken to the Juvenile Justice Center.