What SWFL Is Talking About 2/14

On this the anniversary of the Parkland shootings, police have arrested a 13 year old boy and charged him with threatening on social media to shoot up Lexington Middle School in Fort Myers. He was reported by a fellow student. The Fort Myers Police Department is also investigating a text threat at Fort Myers High School. There was also a student arrested at Island Coast High School. Expect to see extra security at all area schools today.  At a press conference in  Parkland yesterday,  Governor DeSantis promised to take steps to implement the school safety recommendations of  the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Commission.



After video surfaced of an encounter with a prostitute he was supposed to be investigating, Fort Myers Police Captain Jay Rodriguez has been placed on administrative leave. The investigation into the incident is continuing.


Police arrested a homeless couple over the weekend, when they got a little "overexcited" near the Junior Edison Festival of Light Parade. 58 year old Phillip Dailey and 47 year old Bernadette Colatarci were taken into custody after an off duty officer observed them exposed on the sidewalk. Between the two, they were arrested 19 times in 2018.