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Sunny 106.3 presents Christmas with Richard Marx: Sunny 106.3 presents Christmas with Richard Marx Thursday, December 19th A night of Christmas favorites and Richard Marx greatest hits Richard Marx Bio As a…


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Mars-Wrigley Interns Get Free Candy For A Year An internship where you get paid and get free candy for a year? Sign me up! Mars-Wrigley is looking for interns for their 8 to 12-week program in Chicago. They want people with the “mindset of a kid in a candy store.” The internship will include candy tasting, traveling to Mars manufacturing sites and working on Mars-Wrigley’s global volunteer program.  Yes, it is a paid internship and the signing bonus is a year’s worth of candy. That means your pick of M and M’s, Twix, Snickers and more. You must be 21 and older to apply. Would you take time off from your job for this internship? What candy would you want a year supply of?