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Despite dissension within the Lee County School Board, board members voted to retain Superintendent Greg Adkins, after three board members called for his removal. Adkins has been accused of having a short temper, and being difficult to deal with. Removing Adkins would have cost the school district over $300,000

28 year old Juan Jesus Madrid of LaBelle has been arrested and charged with for posting a threat of a school shooting. Allegedly Madrid threatened members of a Facebook group called “Juicebox of LaBelle.” The suspect claims it was an attempt at humor, but he’s been charged with writing threats to kill or do bodily injury.


Lee County has instituted a ban against parking large trucks in residential driveways. The new ordinance prohibits anyone from having a large vehicle on their property that weighs in excess of 15,000 pounds


A Lake City man is taking his free speech rights to court, after being arrested for refusing to remove an obscene decal from his truck. 23 year old Dillon Shane Webb says he plans to file a wrongful arrest lawsuit against the county.