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The NBC2 First Alert Storm Team is issuing a HEAT ALERT for this weekend in anticipation of near-record highs as temperatures for parts of SWFL, especially inland, push the upper 90s. We’ll have a complete look at the forecast coming up with NBC-2’s Rob Duns.


Charlotte County Deputies are searching fro two suspects who may be traveling in a silver SUV. They believe these two men are responsible for a strong arm robbery in a Port Charlotte home. Police say the men ripped jewelry right off the neck of a homeowner during the robbery. Call the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office if you have any information.
The Gateway 7-11 has once again been victimized by a credit card skimmer. A device was found yesterday on a pump at that 7-11, less than a week after four more skimmers were found at that store. The Lee County Commission has approved an anti-skimmer ordinance.