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TAMPAKSIRING, BALI - MAY 27: A man holds up roasted Kopi Luwak coffee seeds inside a 'Kopi Luwak' or Civet coffee farm and cafe on May 27, 2013 in Tampaksiring, Bali, Indonesia. World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) commissioned research showing the true cost of the world's most expensive coffee, thousands of civets are being poached from the wild, kept in inhumane, conditions, and farmed to meet the growing global demand for civet coffee. The BBC are broadcasting a documentary on the Civets as part of their "Our World" series this evening at 2300. (Photo by Nicky Loh/Getty Images for World Animal Protection)

25 Cups Of Coffee A Day Is Safe For The Heart? Do you love coffee? Drink up. Up to 25 cups of joe a day is ok for your heart. The research was done by the British Heart Foundation. Their look at cardio scans of over 8,000 people found no increased stiffness in the arteries for people who drank a lot of coffee. The BHF claims this debunks previous findings saying coffee drinking could be bad for the heart.  it’s not suggested you drink 25 cups a day but the study says your heart will be fine if you do. How much coffee do you drink in a day? Have you ever come close to 25 cups?