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Matt Mangas

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Authorities are looking for who may have locked two pitbulls inside a porta-a-potty at the Shell Factory in North Fort Myers. The dogs were found yesterday morning, one tied up and the other in a harness, Whoever left them there, did leave water. The dogs are now in the custody of Lee County Domestic Animal Services.  

Lee County Commissioners just removed a roadblock for companies who do mining work in Lee County. The Commissioners voted 3-1 to remove the “clear necessity” clause, which means that applicants now won’t have to prove there is a need for a mine in a particular area. The measure was approved by the DEP and FWC. 


The Marco Island Police Department, which has been rocked by scandal the past few years, now has a new chief. Tracy Frazzano is currently the Deputy Police Chief in Montclair, NJ. Frazzano will start her new duties in late August.