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TORNADO WATCH IN EFFECT: The National Weather Service Has Issued Tornado Watch 675 In Effect Until Noon Edt Today For The Following Areas Central Florida Hardee Polk Sumter In…

Authorities are looking for who may have locked two pitbulls inside a porta-a-potty at the Shell Factory in North Fort Myers. The dogs were found yesterday morning, one tied up and the other in a harness, Whoever left them there, did leave water. The dogs are now in the custody of Lee County Domestic Animal Services.  

Lee County Commissioners just removed a roadblock for companies who do mining work in Lee County. The Commissioners voted 3-1 to remove the “clear necessity” clause, which means that applicants now won’t have to prove there is a need for a mine in a particular area. The measure was approved by the DEP and FWC. 


The Marco Island Police Department, which has been rocked by scandal the past few years, now has a new chief. Tracy Frazzano is currently the Deputy Police Chief in Montclair, NJ. Frazzano will start her new duties in late August.