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One person was injured when two boats collided in the waters off Alva yesterday. The victim was airlited to the hospital. The investigation into the cause of the crash is ongoing. 


44 year old Amy Kirk was arrested over the weekend, after leading police on a high speed chase on San Marco Road at speeds close to 100 mph.  She eventually crashed into mangroves. Kirk has been charged with DUI and destruction of prperty. 


Governor DeSantis will be in Fort Myers today for another meeting of the Blue-Green Algae Task Force. The meeting starts at 9am in the Lee County School Board building.  



Eating this Type of Fish Can Kill You 

  • A Florida man is lucky to be alive after he decided to live it up by snorting cocaine and eating a Japanese delicacy. 
  • The unidentified 43-year-old had been partying when he decided to try pufferfish liver, an exotic food that’s revered in Japan. However, doctors say it contains a high level of tetrodotoxin, with can cause paralysis or death if ingested. “Pufferfish is something that you don’t want to just catch and eat,” says Dr. Zane Horowitz, an expert on poisons. “There are chefs in Japan who go through years of training on how to properly prepare this so that they don’t kill their customers.” 
  • Considering it can take less than a teaspoon of pufferfish poison to kill someone, the cocaine didn’t help matters, his case report indicates. Although doctors managed to save the man’s life, he’ll be on kidney dialysis for the rest of his life, the case report reads. Toxicology expert Bill Atchison says, “The message is clear: Don’t eat pufferfish!”