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Charlotte County Deputies are investigating after a man’s body was found floating in the water off Bayshore Park. The body has been identified, but the victims name has not been released.

Lee County police are investigating a death at the Publix on Summerlin Road and Colonial after someone was found dead in the parking lot. Police say they were responding to a medical emergency. No ID on the victim as of yet.


Four Lehigh Acres teens are under arrest after a crime spree that netted guns, and ammunition. The four suspects also accused of destroying a Habitat For Humanity Home that caused over $10,ooo in damage. They were turned over to juvenile authorities.


After yesterday’s meeting of the Blue-Green Algae Task Force, Governor DeSantis signed a bill instructing  the state to work with a private marine institute to study and combat  red tide. The new law provides $18 million over the next six years.