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So How Much Does the World’s Most Expensive Mattress Cost?

How much does a good night’s rest cost? Apparently, it cost $189,000. Yes, a six-figure mattress!


Vividus is the world’s most expensive mattress.


It’s a three-mattress tower constructed of woven cotton, flax felt, steel Bonnell springs, oak dowels, Swedish pine, and tightly curled horsetail hair.


The bed was created by Hästens an ultra-luxury Swedish bed-maker. Hästens assembled their best master craftsmen who spend nearly 330 hours making just one bed.


The bed is described as sinking into the cloudy, dreamy space, but still supported from the bottom.


Only 70 are made each year. So if you want one you better place your order soon.


What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a mattress? And was it worth it?