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You may remember a few weeks ago, an employee of the Race Trak gas station on MLK Boulevard near the interstate found some human bones while walking through the woods near the gas station. After testing it has been determined that the bones are from a petite woman. Police also found woman’s clothing near the body. The case remains under investigation.


Collier County Police have arrested one man and are looking for another in connection with a flashing incident over the weekend. Police say 26 year old Michael Sanchez dropped his pants and exposed himself along with another man at the Oakhaven Apartments. Sanchez remains in custody while police search for that second suspect.


With school now back in session area police departments are on high alert, looking for distracted drivers in school zones….especially those drivers using cell phones. Using a cell phone while driving will get you a $60 fine for the first offense.

Alec Baldwin Claims Russia Killed Jeffrey Epstein:


‘They’re in Charge of Everything’ Alec Baldwin has a conspiracy theory when it comes to the death of Jeffrey Epstein. The actor believes someone in Russia had something to do with his suicide. Baldwin claims the Russia government is in charge of everything. He made the strange statement to fans on his Twitter page. Do you agree with Alec Baldwin?



Bill Cosby’s Lawyers Are Claiming An Unfair Trial


Lawyers for Bill Cosby are urging Pennsylvania appellate court judges to overturn his sexual assault conviction.  The issues Cosby’s lawyers highlighted were on whether or not it was fair to include testimony from five other accusers and whether a prosecutor in the past had agreed to never prosecute Bill or if he even had the clout to do such a thing.  The ruling could set precedence for future #MeToo movement cases against celebrities.  Do you think this tactic will get Cosby out of jail?


Dunkin Releases Their Fall Menu Items


Wednesday, Dunkin will change the name of eight of its stores to “Pumpkin” and at those stores, customers will be able to experience the new fall menu early.  What’s on the menu you ask? Well, how about Apple Cider Doughnuts or Munchkins, pumpkin doughnuts, muffins, and two new coffee flavors.  No one knows which cities will get the name change, but the cities start with a P-U-M-P-K-I-N.  If you’re near a location, the first 250 customers at each locale will get a free small hot or iced pumpkin coffee.  What do you think about Dunkin’s new fall menu items?


Lucky Charms Has Something Special For Marshmallow Lovers


Here’s something pretty cool. General Mills has just announced that they’re going to sell bags of marshmallows only for snacking and desserts.  If this sounds familiar to you, it should, it’s been done before, but this time it’s not a contest. You just stop by your local store and pick up a bag.  If you’re wanting a bag of the “magically delicious” marshmallows, they hit store shelves in September and will cost $1.50.  Do you know the Lucky Charms jingle? Will you be picking up a bag of marshmallows when they hit store shelves?