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Are you one of the folks that grab the little travel sized toiletries when you stay at a hotel? I am. Looks like we will need to consider another hotel chain other than Marriott soon.

In an effort to reduce plastic waste, the hotel giant is getting rid of all their travel-sized toiletries. They will replace the miniature shampoos, conditioners, and bath gels with larger bottles made from recyclable material.

CNN explains that Marriott, the world’s largest hotel chain, will have to make this change to over 500,000 guest rooms at their 7,000 hotels. “Marriott said the small bottles currently used aren’t usually recycled. Once the change is fully implemented, the hotel chain said it expects to reduce its plastic disposal by 30%, or nearly 2 million pounds of plastic it sends to landfills annually.”

Ritz-Carlton, Courtyard, Sheraton, St. Regis, BVLGARI Hotels & Resorts, Westin Hotels & Resorts, and W Hotel are all part of the Marriott brand.

All toiletry changes are expected to be completed by December 2020.