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Southwest Florida will be watching for rain bands spiraling around the western side of Hurricane Dorian this afternoon. When these bands arrive this afternoon, our area should be prepared for times of gusty wind and locally heavy rain. But considering how awful this stationary hurricane has been for the northwest Bahamas, we’re getting off very lucky with this storm. the timing of today’s rain looks most likely after lunchtime, specifically between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. Keep in mind that like yesterday, these areas of rain will be moving very rapidly and will drop visibility quickly, so be sure to check the radar before you head out this afternoon so you know what you’ll be driving through.

Punta Gorda police are asking for the public’s help in finding a sneaky trio of thieves. The manager of ACME’s Bicycle shop on Cross Street in Punta Gorda said on Sunday, Aug. 25, three people distracted the clerk at the front desk and stole more than $300 worth of bike lights.  The manager said as the woman distracted the clerk, the men took the bike lights.  The trio also switched roles – when the men distracted the clerk, the woman stole two bike lights worth $115 each and put them underneath her shirt, walking out without paying.  The man and woman showed up at the store again this week on Thursday, Aug. 29. After seeing new security devices attached to the lights, the pair left without taking anything else.

Credit: ACME Bicycle Shop



Facebook Thinking Of Getting Rid Of The “Like” Count

First it was Instagram and now Facebook looks like it may start hiding the Like counter on News Feed posts. Instagram is already testing this in 7 countries, including Canada, in an effort to prevent users from destructively comparing themselves to others. According to TechCrunch, Facebook confirmed that it’s considering testing removal of Like counts, however, it’s not live for users yet.



Cat Burglar Investigation Leads Florida Cops to Actual Cat

Florida law enforcement investigators have identified the cat burglar in an attempted break-in over the weekend: an actual cat.

The incident occurred Saturday night when a frightened Naples resident called 911, saying she heard someone trying to force open her patio door. Collier County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the scene and carefully circled around the back of the woman’s home with their guns drawn. There, they found the suspect, later identified as “Bones,” still in the midst of the attempted break-in. When informed of the cat burglar’s identity, the woman admitted to also hearing “meows,” but said she’d thought the burglar was just trying to trick her.

Bones was taken into custody for “fur-ther questioning,” according to the sheriff’s office. A photo posted on the agency’s Facebook page shows the kitty in the back of a patrol car, peering through a barred window.