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Well hello there!!!

We have made it to Friday!!!!

Here is whats happening

A crash happened early Friday morning on SR 82 at Columbus Boulevard in Lehigh Acres. Two people were taken to the hospital after the crash happened in a construction zone on SR 82. Florida Highway Patrol and Lee County deputies responded to the crash. Lee County deputies and FHP did confirm one of the cars involved was T-Boned. SR 82 is undergoing major construction after the project started two years ago intending to make the road safer to help traffic. FDOT has said this project is supposed to be one by the end of the summer.

A Fort Myers man is returning to his home, and the ones next to it, even after he has been evicted. 26-year-old Sampson Robert Pettit was evicted on September 2. He is accused of breaking into the home next door the very next day using a shovel. Neighbors said he was going in and out of that home as he pleased. They say he was doing drugs there, sleeping there and just being aggressive with the people who live around there. deputies received another anonymous call about a man matching Pettit’s description. The person who called said he was intoxicated and had an eight-inch knife. Deputies later found Pettit walking about half a mile from his former home. They found most of his neighbor’s stolen belongings on him in his book bag. They finally arrested him.

A strange man was caught on surveillance lurking around a Lehigh Acres home and looking through the window while a family was inside The disturbing invasion of privacy happened Monday morning around 5:30 a.m. on Park Road. Torres said his wife called him panicking after the motion sensors from their surveillance system alerted them of activity outside.


Krispy Kreme Giving Away Free Coffee and Donuts


Krispy Kreme Giving Away Free Coffee and Donuts

Krispy Kreme is pulling out all the stops for National Coffee Day this year. This time instead of just coffee the chain will giveaway donuts.  Yep, you heard that right free coffee and donuts and you don’t even have to buy anything extra to get the freebies. National Coffee Day is September 29.

$2M New Jersey Lottery Winner Claims Another Jackpot

Maybe lightning never strikes the same place twice, but apparently good luck does. A New Jersey man who won $2 million playing the lottery in 2017 has picked up another jackpot. The man, identified only as “Freddie R.,” has won an additional $250,000 from a “Crossword” scratch-off ticket. While claiming his prize on Thursday, he told state lottery officials he “can’t believe” he purchased another winning ticket. He also said he intends to keep playing the lottery. Freddie’s first win also came from a scratch-off ticket.