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Hi There!!

It’s the first day of Fall…There, I said it!! It should feel like it, a little, in the early morning.

In other news..

One person has been injured and taken to Lee Memorial Hospital after an RV caught fire at the Mobil gas station on Hancock Bridge Parkway and Orange Grove Boulevard in North Fort Myers, according to the North Fort Myers Fire Department.  Flames could be seen spilling out of the RV at the gas station. Crews from the North Fort Myers Fire Rescue worked to put out the fire, and the RV was left badly scorched. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene as well as electrical crews from FPL. The cause of the fire is still unknown.

A vacant lot in Golden Gate Estates is filling up with trash. Piles of unwanted goods have found a new home off 22nd Avenue SE and neighbors surrounding the property are sick of the mess. Further off the main road, piles of tires and more debris can be seen Neighbors who already live in Golden Gate Estates said they believe people are illegally dumping stuff there.

The City of Cape Coral is considering making changes to their noise ordinances. By the standards of many, the noise in Cape Coral is loud, creating an ongoing debate among residents. People living blocks away from downtown Cape Coral say you can still hear the loud music. The noise ordinance in place allows for businesses in the downtown area to keep their music a little louder than average. However, if you are in a residential area, the rules are more strict – you must keep your music down, or you could face a fine. The proposed changes to the ordinance would allow officers to use video and witness statements to cite a violator. Fines would start at $150 and can even more than double for repeat offenders. The ordinance wants to also crackdown on drivers who love blasting music. If reported under the proposed changes, they too can be cited for a hefty fine. The city says these changes would be more practical for property owners and code enforcement.


“Beer Money” Fan Says He’s Raised over $820K for Children’s Hospital

Football fan Carson King got more than enough money for a case of beer after holding up a sign with the request and his Venmo account info during ESPN’s College GameDay.  King says he’s got over $800,000 that he plans to donate to a children’s hospital in Iowa.

After King’s request went viral, he received a flood of donations.  Anheuser Busch and Venmo even donated to King.  Now he says he has around $822,000 to donate to the University of Iowa Steed Family Children’s Hospital, according to Fox News.

Even though he ended up raising money for a great cause, King says his mom wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of her son bumming booze money on live TV.


Meghan McCain Storms Off ‘The View’ Set

“The View” co-host Meghan McCain angrily stormed off the set during Friday’s show after getting into a heated dispute with guest host Ana Navarro.

The hissy fit occurred during a debate over whistleblowers like Julian Assange. McCain suggested that Democrats were hypocritical for supporting some whistleblowers and not others, raising her voice to be heard above the other women. When Navarro told her, “Don’t scream at me — I’m two feet away,” a clearly upset McCain rolled her eyes, saying, “That’s so rude, Ana.” The show’s crew quickly cut to a commercial, but McCain could be seen storming off as the image faded.

The spat didn’t mark the first time McCain and Navarro have locked horns on the show. In June, the pair got into a heated dispute after Navarro criticized Republicans for pushing a corrupt social agenda.

Gas Station Accidentally Sells Diesel to Regular Gas Customers

A whole lot of New York motorists are furious after a gas station accidentally sold them diesel fuel instead of regular.

The mix-up occurred this week at a Speedway gas station in Holbrook, Long Island — although no one realized what had happened until their cars starting stalling. Anthony Posa, a mechanic at MTA Auto Service, says he arrived at work Wednesday to find five cars, all apparently suffering from the same problem. “They were kind of the same condition, that misfire condition,” he says. “So one car, we pulled the gas. And that’s when we found it was actually diesel. The last thing you think is that there’s diesel in the fuel tank.”

The bad news is fixing the problem costs between $400 and $600. Speedway’s owner, who blames the mix-up on a third party service that put diesel in the wrong pump tank, says the company is covering repair costs for all affected motorists.