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Deputies, fire crews, and EMS have surrounded the Majestic Golf Club community after a shooting was reported inside the neighborhood. Crime scene tape is blocking the entrance to the community off Homestead Road, north of Milwaukee Boulevard.  Several rounds of shots were fired  and have seen deputies armed with rifles searching the neighborhood. Firefighters with Lehigh Acres fire have bulletproof vests on. Deputies woke up people in the community just before 2 a.m. telling them to put their shoes on and leave immediately. Lee County deputies have the suspect in custody.

The community is outraged after the Fort Myers city council made a controversial decision for many of the city’s nonprofits. Now, 26 organizations are feeling left out because one organization is getting all that money. More than $300,000 is going to the STARS Complex and none to Services for Survivors of Abuse, Good Wheels, Little League Teams or programs aimed at sending kids to college Supporters of the Quality Life Center piled into city council chambers, sharing how the organization has changed lives for the better, but it wasn’t enough to change the city council’s decision. Members still approved the 2020 budget for one group rather than many. Community organization members say they will continue to fight for the children no matter what. The new budget goes into effect on October 1 of this year.

An Orlando elementary school resource officer was fired Monday, according to Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolon. The officer arrested two 6-year-olds, an act that put the trust between the community and its officers into question, Rolon said. Last week, the officer arrested 6-year-old Kaia Rolle at the Lucious and Emma Nixon Academy in Orlando after she reportedly had a temper tantrum at school. The family has spoken openly about the incident, while the Lucious and Emma Nixon Academy said it had no comment on the incident Monday. The Orlando Police Department oversees the school resource officer who made the arrest, and they say the situation was not handled properly.


‘Sunday Night Football’ Clobbers Emmys in Huge Ratings Victory

Despite competition from “The 71st Primetime Emmy Awards,” NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” scored a huge ratings victory as the most-watched show of the evening.

The Browns-Rams game garnered a 12.8 rating and a 23 share, Variety reports. Meanwhile, the once-popular awards telecast hit an all-time low, eking out a dismal 5.7 rating and a 10 share. That represents a 32 percent drop in viewership from last year’s ceremony.

Marking the Browns’ first appearance on “Sunday Night Football” since 2008, the game set a ratings record in Cleveland, where it achieved an impressive 38.5 rating/60 share, according to Nielsen.


Yes, your cat does love you

We all know it. Cats are jerks! But, maybe, we’ve got them all wrong?

A study published Monday in the journal Current Biology suggests cats form bonds with their humans; similar to dogs and even our own human babies.

A study developed in the 1970’s to determine “attachment style” between parents and infants was used. A cat with secure attachment knows you’ll take care of it. A cat with insecure attachment may be timid or cautious when it sees you.

“We’re looking at cats through dog-colored glasses,” cat expert Jackson Galaxy told NBC News. “We are disappointed in them because they don’t wag their tails, meet us at the door, demonstrate in a way that humans innately recognize that they love us.”