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I’m Letting My 8-Year-Old Trick-or-Treat Without Supervision, Just Like My Parents Did

A Popsugar article suggests that allowing your kid to trick-or-treat alone should be considered.

Katherine Stahl, who has an 8-year-old daughter, writes that she wouldn’t feel comfortable with “free-range parenting” if it wasn’t for her relationship with her neighbors and the rules she’s put in place to ensure that her daughter stays safe.

She admits that rules such as “stay with a buddy at all times,” “return home before dark,” and “if anything weird or strange happens, head home or to a neighbor’s house immediately,” keeps her daughter accountable, safe and Stahl at ease.

Bottom line, if you have a close network of neighbors, rules, and limits for your child’s roaming, then allowing them to trick-or-treat on their own is an important step in growing their independence.”

Do you agree with Stahl? Would you allow your child to trick-or-treat alone?