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Halloween Tips and Tricks

Halloween is just days away! Do you have a costume ready or are you procrastinating??

Over the years I have collected many costumes. Some all ready made. Sock Monkey, Deranged Bunny, Unicorn and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Some Do It Yourself. Snowbird, Unicorn, Good Witch, cartoon character and Bad Witch.

I decided that this year I would just rummage through my closet and reuse a previous costume….just not sure what yet.

If you have time to go through a Halloween Costume Store, you may be able to grab yourself a cool outfit still. Chances are that you probably won’t have the time though since it IS just two days away.

For that, let me suggest some easy, creative DIY Halloween Costume Ideas.

For the DIYer who wants to keep things on the cheap, here are a few last-minute ideas. While not super timely, go with a PG version of 50 Shades of Gray, grabbing gray paint swatches from the hardware store and taping them onto a shirt. Got your old graduation cap and gown lying around? Tape some cookies to it and now you’re a Smart Cookie. Be a broken internet site by writing “404: Costume not found” on a shirt. Instant costume with little effort.

Trick or Treat!!!


written by sheila book