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Really, we need this??

Venomous snakes are on the move in Southwest Florida and they could be slithering right into your backyard.  Wildlife removal experts with Southern Wildlife say vipers and venomous snake populations are growing during this time of year. The reptiles breed in the spring and by fall their eggs have hatched and adolescent serpents are venturing out. Venturing out??? Lovely. “Keep an eye on the ground and any tall shrubs near the water’s edge. They’re losing a lot of habitat from over development so they’re kind of being forced into these areas where they come in contact with humans and get killed,” said Southern Wildlife trapper, David Griffith. He says recent sightings of rattlesnakes near homes and schools in our area is to be expected. “Rattlesnakes, say that most people associate with a dry temperature; you’ll find them out on coastal islands like Pine Island or Captiva. They’ll swim out to those coastal islands pretty frequently,” Griffith said. If you are bitten by a snake, seek help immediately. This is my favorite quote….”What you don’t want to try to do is suck the venom out or use any mechanical tool to get the venom out that can end up spreading it and making it worse. You also want to keep the area that’s bitten lower than your heart to prevent it from traveling,” said Griffith.

This tweet sums it up well..