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With Thanksgiving about 2 weeks away, the need for food for those who do not have any is great..Thank you to ABC-7 for putting this story in the spotlight

For Adventist Community Services food pantry in Cape Coral, it’s crunch time. The food pantry gives out groceries twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It’s a constant cycle of giving and restocking, and right now, saving up for Thanksgiving. This year, saving up has been difficult. The need for food has grown by the hundreds and the number of families signed up for turkey has almost doubled compared to last year. More than 250 people are already on the list and even more are asking. Distribution Supervisor, Alex Berru, says they refuse to say no. According to the Harry Chapin Food Bank, the place where ACS gets their food, more than 86,000 people in Lee County are labeled food insecure.  More and more people are hungry on a weekly basis and the Thanksgiving stock isn’t matching up to the need.

Here is how you can help…

The food pantry is located at 1509 SE 27th Terrace in Cape Coral.
Contact the Director, Cheryl Macari at for more information on giving or receiving food.