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Is there anyone that doesn’t like a good party? I certainly love a party…..especially when it includes a fantastic theme!

A party doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. It can be casual and low key or vivid and loud.

A great party needn’t cost a lot either but if you are going to spend a bunch on a party, get some one really cool to be your entertainment.

That’s what Gordon Ramsay did! Gordon Ramsay spared no expense on his daughter’s 18th birthday. He held a James Bond themed party with guests dressing in black tie attire. Cool huh?

Gordon Ramsay also had his daughter’s favorite singer come and sing at her party. Who would that be??? Ed Sheeran! Cost Gordon Ramsay a little extra for that but dang I bet his daughter was happy. (guests too)

I’m hoping Mr. Ramsay will plan my next party.



written by

Sheila Book