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Ralphie Marino

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While may of us stay home during the Thanksgiving holiday. many head north to be with families. The travel time has extended, and Tuesday, the great escape begins….


A swath of rain and thunderstorms are threatening to slow down motorists and air traelers from the Ohio Valley to the Gulf Coast in the days prior to Thanksgiving. The corridor will be on the mild side of a storm that is poised to unleash an all-out blizzard from Colorado to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

While this means roadways will be soaked from Louisiana to Ohio, as opposed to slippery and snow-covered, drivers should still expect disruptions through these states.

As the storm charges eastward at midweek, the bulk of the wet and windy weather will shift into the Northeast.

If you want to check your flight, here is a great tool. Click here for FightTracker

And on Thanksgiving Day, the Macy’s parade might have some changes. Read about them by clicking here.

Meanwhile…I’m happily staying put!!