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It’s a 10 year celebration!!!

For most Americans, the “thanks” in Thanksgiving usually refers to giving thanks for one’s family, friends, and a big hunkin’ turkey on the table. But for my friends, it’s all about giving thanks for Tom Hanks.

In November 2009, Libbie Hayward and Max Dubin began creating punny holiday names over GChat. “Franksgiving” (a holiday to celebrate tube meats) was thrown out as an idea along with “Michelle Kwan-za”. One of Hayward’s co-workers suggested Tom Hanksgiving, a way to celebrate the life and work of Tom Hanks—a holiday classic was born.

“It just seemed so perfect to celebrate this great American symbol on this great American holiday,” explains Hayward enthusiastically. “Hanksgiving is an opportunity to try new twists on old favorites and a silly excuse to get friends together.”

A pun-loving and party-throwing crowd, our friends eagerly accepted the invite, cramming into a tiny two-bedroom apartment. Each carried with them one of more than a dozen dishes given a Tom Hanks-inspired name (the below list is actually a combination of hits from last year and this year).

  • Cravin’ Private Fryin’: Fried turkey
  • Bosom Spudies: Mashed potatoes
  • A Leek of Their Own: Leek-filled stuffing
  • Catch Me If You Yam: Candied yams
  • A Beetless in Seattle: Beet salad
  • Cauli Wison’s War: Cauliflower gratin
  • From the Earth to the Shroom: Russian mushrooms
  • Bonfire of the Cranberries: Cranberry chutney
  • Apollo Thirtahini: Butternut squash and chickpea salad with tahini
  • Rollar Express: rolls
  • Kernel-minal: Cornbread
  • Sleepless in Se-Apple Apple cider cream pie
  • Brandy of Brothers: Cocktail made of apple cider, bourbon, seltzer and apple brandy

They forgot Forrest Gump..How about Forrest GUMPlings!!!