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Last updated Friday, January 31st 3:34pm

According to officials, A driver breached the checkpoint outside President Donald Trump’s private club in Palm Beach, Florida, and officers fired shots at the driver, reported WPBF-TV.

The Florida Highway Patrol was in pursuit of a black SUV that was heading towards two security checkpoints at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach.

The suspect fled the scene causing the Southern Boulevard Bridge to shut down as police investigated the incident.

The persecution came about after the police were called to a report of a woman dancing on top of a parked car in a hotel parking lot.

When police arrived, the women got into another car and fled the scene.

That’s when one checkpoint near the resort was breached, officials said.

Watch the report below:

Mar-a-Lago incident

Yesterday. Check check check 12 Check 1212 Check Check Check Check my check 12345678 910. Mike Check my check. Yes. Yeah. Stand by. But they were here to the intersection of Southern Boulevard and South Olive Avenue in West Palm Beach, where couple of blocks from the intercoastal waterway.

A heavy law enforcement presence descended upon President Donald Trump’s Palm Beach arrival this evening.


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