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Florida governor to sign statewide stay-at-home order: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Wednesday that he will issue an executive order directing residents in the state to stay at home except for essential…

Ralphie Marino

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We all look for the best deals when shopping. I always do, and now here is a nifty litle guide to shop in SWFL.

It turns out that many supermarkets are hiding deals right in plain sight; you just have to know where to look. Keep these in mind and it could save you cash and snag some free food. Hit up Aldi on a Wednesday or Target on a Tuesday; that’s when you’ll get the best deals on groceries. Speaking of, some items under Walmart’s Great Value name are made by the brands you know. Hungry? Ask to taste test any product from Trader Joe’s. Got a bigger appetite? Compliment an employee at Publix and you could receive a coupon for a free sandwich. (This is my favorite) Not a member at Costco? Go with someone who is and you can still shop. Or pick up a cash card, which gives you the same benefits, including the ability to order a pizza and have it hot and ready by the time you check out.  How much time do you put into supermarket shopping?