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Public Service Announcements

Crazy times huh?

We are all feeling it right now. All of us.

Honestly I am used to being one of, ‘the helpers’ when it comes to the strange situations we get to deal with. I am still and will continue to be, here to inform you. It’s just going to be a bit different.

Starting on Monday, March 23rd, I will be broadcasting from home. Fortunately for me I have a studio there. Beasley Broadcasting is setting me up with the ability to send in my voice to you.

I have never had to do my shows from home so this is really out of my comfort zone. Yes, I have a studio at home but I narrate books and record radio and tv commercials there……


I will be trying to incorporate some different stuff for this quarantine thing. I have some, ‘in studio guests’ that will be joining me. ( Daisy dawg and Buddy the Cat) and a few other things planned for your entertainment.

Believe me, I am pretty isolated in my Sunny 1063 studio, but I’m really going to miss talking to all of you folks on a daily basis.

I pray this,’new normal’ ends soon as I love each and every one of you and miss your hugs.

Stay home and be safe. Please.


Misses and Kisses from afar……