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Welcome to Home Workouts with John Tesh

Health and wellness should be your number one priority and we want to help make spending more time at home the best experience for you to continue to feel great! That’s why you’re invited to work out with John Tesh every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at noon on Facebook Live.

Join our 10 minutes of exercise with a Pure Barre trained instructor and John Tesh as they offer you intelligence on how exercise can support immune function and improve your mood.

Don’t worry, these short classes are geared to all fitness levels.

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Hey, hey, Hey Gerard it's time for team workout at the senior this year. Take a look at this take a look at this animation team workout speed with the dog. This is the senior edition. I don't care if she may not look like, but she's a senior citizen.



get excited everybody because it's it's workout time. John Tech would give Gerard content for you here. Yeah standing by there she is and you guys are gonna have an amazing experience here with a low impact. We're gonna use cans grab this room beans is that what's going on?