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Lee County Clerk of Court – Service Updates Resulting from Stay-At-Home Order

Lee County Clerk makes more changes following Florida’s statewide stay-at-home order from Governor Ron DeSantis. The order begins at 12AM Friday morning and expires on April 30, 2020, unless extended. Under the order, people will still be allowed to engage in essential activities, but should stay at home otherwise.

The Clerk’s Office works in support of essential county government and court functions and therefore will continue providing services, but without face-to-face interactions. All but 25 Clerk team members are working from home.  Those remaining 25 reporting to the office are checking mail, drop boxes, attending court, scanning, printing, etc. as necessary.

Please note the essential services provided by your Clerk’s Office and where to find those services:

Court-Related Services: 

Court records and court dates can be found online at

Court Payment due dates have been extended 60 days

Documents & payments can be mailed, submitted online, e-filed or left in the drop-box in the lobby of the Justice Center, MLK Entrance

                                                For online services and e-filing, go to

Drop Off Location                             Mailing Address

Justice Center                                    Clerk of Court’s Office

2075 Dr. MLK Blvd.                            PO Box 2507

Fort Myers, FL 33901                         Fort Myers, FL 33902

All Jury Duty is cancelled through April 30, 2020.

Self Help Center is closed and Legal Aid appointments are suspended until further notice.

Tax Deed Sales are suspended through April 30, 2020.

For Court questions call 239-533-5000 or email

Official Records Services & Recording Documents:

Recording transactions can be eRecorded; or mailed or dropped-off with payment and a self-addressed stamped envelope.

If you do not know the amount of your transaction, you may:

  • Call 239-533-5007 for an estimate and then mail or drop off your documents with a self-addressed stamped envelope for processing.
  • Drop off your documents to the address below in a sealed envelope with your Name, Address and Phone Number on the outside of the envelope and we will call you with an amount (including postage if not including a self-addressed stamped envelope).

For online services and e-Recording, go to Select one of the eRecording third party vendors to eRecord.

Drop Off Location                             Mailing Address

Administration Building                       Recording Office

2115 Second Street                            PO Box 2278

Fort Myers, FL 33901                         Fort Myers, FL 33902

Marriage Licenses are suspended starting April 3rd.  This service will resume once we have established a video signature verification process that applicants will access to from their home. Check our website for updates on this service.

Wedding Ceremonies have been suspended until future notice.

Passport Services have been suspended until future notice.  Please call 1-877-487-2778 for other passport serving locations.

Questions for the Recording Office, call (239) 533.5007 or email to

Tourist Development Tax Payments

Payments can be submitted online, mailed, or dropped-off.

For online payments, go to


Drop Off Location                         Mailing Address

City/County Annex Building            Tourist Development Tax Collections

1825 Hendry Street, 1st Floor              P.O. Box 2257
Fort Myers, FL  33901                          Fort Myers, FL 33902-2257

Questions for Inspector General or for Tourist Tax (239) 533-2190 or email:

Clerk of Court Branch Offices in Cape Coral and Bonita Springs are closed until further notice.

Please email with any questions and continue to check our website for the latest updates on services.