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A Canadian kitty is being called a hero after it alerted its owner to a fire  as  the family’s dog remained asleep throughout the harrowing incident.

Portugal Cove resident Scott White says he was sound asleep at about 4:30 a.m. Monday when he woke up to something striking him in the face. “I woke up with a paw on my face,” White says. The paw belonged to his family’s cat, Joey. White got out of bed to investigate, and found his slow cooker had started a fire, filling the kitchen with thick smoke, he says. Thanks to Joey’s quick action, he was able to get the fire under control, he says. While the incident has resulted in the family becoming closer to Joey, White says it had the opposite effect on their relationship with their 10-month-old puppy, who slept through the blaze. “The dog was always in the window growling at people, so we thought he’d be a good watchdog,” White says. “I guess we found out the real hero is the cat.”

Personally, I believe would get alerted from BOTH my dog and cat. My cat is always watching me and needs to be in my personal space constantly. My dog hates smoke so she would wake me so I could take HER outside.


Sheila Book