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(Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

Barbie Dolls seem to be a staple of growing up. As a kid I had Barbies and played with my friends in the neighborhood.

Now there’s a new Barbie.

Tonya Ruiz is a grandma that “gets real.” Not only is it her nickname but the “get real” grandma has been advocating for a more realistic body image for Barbie dolls for years. But now quarantine has given her version of the Barbie doll, a new look.

Ruiz is the creator of “Quarantine Barbie” which comes in twelve different versions. The starter pack is a “curvy” Barbie wearing stretchy pants, eating Little Debbie cakes, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Nutella. It has the essential wet wipes, toilet paper, and whiskey in a teacup.

The more relatable Barbies has fans celebrating on the “Grandma Gets Real” Instagram page with the “Quarantine Barbies” going viral.  “Quarantine Barbie” collection includes bread baking, new hobbies, zoom Ken, health care worker, sanitation worker, homeschool mom, binge-watcher, home salon, what time is it, what day is it, and the quarreling couple, quarantine Ken and Barbie.

I would definitely play with that Barbie!