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45 year old Philippa Copleston-Warren is accused of using Alexa to flash the lights at her former boyfriend’s home and using the Drop In feature to speak through the Alexa telling the new girl to get out. The harassment caused the woman to cry and leave the boyfriend.

According to prosecutor Misba Majid“ The defendant spoke through the Alexa account to tell the complainant’s friend in the property to leave and to take her stuff.”

Copleston-Warren is also accused of hacking the victim’s facebook and uploading nude pictures of him.

She is pleading not guilty and is out on bail. Her court date is set for next month.

UK woman allegedly hacked into ex's Alexa to scare off new girlfriend

Alexa, how do I go all "Fatal Attraction"? A jilted London woman allegedly hacked into her ex-boyfriend's Amazon Alexa device and used it to scare off his new girlfriend, a report said.