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Sweet potatoes are as delicious as they are versatile. They can be sweet (obviously) or savory. They can be a tasty side dish or they can serve as an appetizer. They can even be dessert!

However you prefer your sweet potatoes, here are five different recipes highlighting this delightful root vegetable.

Sweet Potato Soup

Kick off your Thanksgiving meal with this delicious sweet potato soup from America’s Test Kitchen. In the video below, you’re also shown how to make candied bacon as an optional garnish to top your soup.


Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Rachel Ray’s mashed sweet potatoes are enhanced with orange zest to add a subtle tang. Since it’s a Rachel Ray dish, it only takes 30 minutes to make. Who doesn’t love a quick and easy recipe?


Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Healthy Grocery Girl’s roasted sweet potatoes are seasoned with Spice Hunter’s Mexican Seasoning Blend, which is made up of cumin, minced onion, garlic, paprika, cilantro, red pepper, coriander and oregano.

Diced, Spiced & Roasted Sweet Potatoes | Easy Recipe Ideas | Healthy Grocery Girl

Get Recipe Here: Tuesday's Video: More: http://hea...


Sweet Potato Fritters

These sweet potato fritters from The Cooking Foodie are probably not super healthy (they are fried, after all), but who’s really concerned about their diet on Thanksgiving?


Sweet Potato Pie

Speaking of not caring about a diet, this sweet potato pie recipe from Alton Brown elevates the sweet potato to an absolutely delicious dessert. And can you really call it Thanksgiving if there’s no pie? Don’t think so!

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