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Cape Coral Bridge Toll To Increase?

Lee County switched to all cashless tolls when the pandemic hit last year. Commissioners are meeting today to consider continuing this. I’ll admit, driving through the toll booth and getting a bill later does make the trip quicker, but I do think about the jobs that were cut.

According to NBC2, the board is also considering raising the tolls. Going into Cape Coral is currently $2. The change being considered is to double that to $4. The current $6 cover charge to get into Sanibel could go to $8. Getting a transponder slightly reduces those fees.

Years ago, I used to go to Island Pizza on Sanibel for lunch. When they raised the toll to $6 I stopped going. It didn’t make sense to me to pay $10 for lunch and $6 to cross a bridge. So, at least for me, raising tolls can have an effect on local businesses. Even now, if I’m heading to North Cape I drive past College and take Hancock Bridge to avoid paying the $2.

My idea, if anyone who makes decisions is reading this, is to increase the tolls, but also increase the discount on the transponders. And drop the Variable Pricing nonsense and just make it less expensive for the locals to travel the bridges. Make the Cape and Veterans bridges $5 for snowbirds and tourists, and make it $1 for locals with a transponder who use the bridge to get to work.

Just my idea. And yes, I know that’s a picture of McGregor Blvd.