Florida Man is at it again!

A video of two guys running half-naked into a gator-infested pond on Tik Tok has gone viral, with over eight million views.

You can hear the person behind the camera say “these waters are clearly gator-infested but the boys want to go swimming,” as he zooms into two large gators just above the waterline.

Then the camera pans over to the left where you can see his friends in their underwear screaming and running into the water.

The person filming then shows the gators swimming in the direction of the two guys.

Just before the video cuts off you can hear a loud scream!

“Tell me you live in Florida without telling me you live in Florida,” one person in the comments said.

While there wasn’t a part two posted and we don’t know what happened next, the poster under the name of “Warren Harden” shared another video poking a gator with a stick.

Harden’s bio also says “Temporarily blocked from posting but stay tuned.”

A warning was added to the video by Tik Tok that says “The action in this video could result in serious injury.”


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