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A TikToker has died live on the platform after being run over by his cousin.

The two were trying to film a trick live, using a car and something built out of toilet paper packaging and rubber mats.  Several have tried to do the trick that calls for the car to crash into the structure launching the other person into the air and at the last moment the other person jumps and lands behind the car.  Unfortunately, the structure collapsed before the impact and caused the other person to fall to the ground in front of the accelerating car killing the person.

Please be safe on TikTok and don’t do anything dangerous. The video has since been taken down from TikTok.


Like most people in this town, Joe Winner hails from the Midwest. Ohio. When not on the air, you’ll find Joe all over town supporting community events and various charities and handing out fun stuff to all the people. Joe’s on-air features include “Joe’s Meals On Wheels” serving up free lunch, and “Intermission” where the listeners have to name the correct movie of the day to win fantastic prizes.