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Joe Winner

JACKSONVILLE, FL - (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

Can’t make this up, here’s a Florida Man for ya. A Jacksonville Police Officer Busted For DUI – while driving his patrol car.

27 year old Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office patrol officer Zachary Taylor was spotted Thursday morning near the Jacksonville Jaguars stadium running over traffic cones with his marked patrol cruiser. AKA his cop car. According to News4jax someone called the police, on the police. Not sure exactly how drunk he was but he reportedly blew over a 0.08. Anything over 0.00 is not permitted while driving a patrol car.

Taylor blamed the incident on “activities from the previous night.” Um, last night was Wednesday. He is currently suspended and likely to be fired.


I kinda wanna watch the fight on Sunday but I don’t want to pay for it on ppv. Anybody showing it for free?


Jacksonville Police Officer Busted For DUI


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