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Joe Winner

NORTH PORT, FL - Members of the media are lined up near the home of Brian Laundrie, who is a person of interest after his fiancé Gabby Petito went missing on September 20, 2021 in North Port, Florida. (Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images)

When the police in North Port banned reporters and journalists from parking on the street in front of the Laundrie house, the news crews faced a dilemma. The neighbors of Brian Laundrie spotted a windfall.

Make no mistake, life has not been easy for the people in the neighborhood, with tempers flaring.

But, as with any crisis, there is money to be made. Crews couldn’t park their trucks on the street, reporters needed a place to set up and according to TMZ, the neighbors responded. “Catering to the media with tents to shield them from the elements, internet access, chairs, water and of course, bathrooms.” Several of the neighbors have made this deal with media members and the rates are rumored to be as much as $3500 a week. So when you see the news footage of the Laundrie house and the news crews are set up in driveways and yards – now you know the story.

Here’s the latest on Dog The Bounty Hunter, as reported by his daughter:



Brian Laundrie Neighbors

Like most people in this town, Joe Winner hails from the Midwest. Ohio. When not on the air, you’ll find Joe all over town supporting community events and various charities and handing out fun stuff to all the people. Joe’s on-air features include “Joe’s Meals On Wheels” serving up free lunch, and “Intermission” where the listeners have to name the correct movie of the day to win fantastic prizes.