The Port Orange Police Department has released body cam footage as an officer rescued a woman who was trapped in a sinking pizza delivery car.

“She got a little confused and turned left directly into the canal because the water was level with the road,” Port Orange Police Sgt. William Harrison told Fox 35 of how the woman landed in the canal. The area was flooded on Friday from the heavy rains we received.

From the Port Orange Police Department Facebook page:

Friday night after the heavy rains, a car ran off the road and into a canal, next to Cedar in the Wood. Sgt. Mialki, Ofc. Calenda and Ofc. Brashier responded to the crash and found, that the driver was trapped in the vehicle as it was sinking. The Officers entered the water, broke the window, and pulled the driver out of the sinking car. This is another great example of Port Orange Police Officer’s daily commitment to the safety of their community and their willingness to put themselves in harm’s way to protect a stranger.



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