Lee Health Coconut Point was founded and built with our Exceptional Lee Promise in mind. The promise simply means that our employees go the extra mile to treat everyone we meet and care for with kindness and respect. 

  • We promise to communicate. 
  • We promise to show empathy and compassion. 
  • We promise to continually improve care. 
  • We promise to create a safe, comforting, and healing environment. 

Exceptional Lee is all about our clients

Every story matters and we want to hear from all of our clients. Exceptional Lee is listening to all the feedback, stories, helping share success, celebrating achievements, and working to resolve troublesome issues.   

We want to hear about any exceptional experience at Lee Health Coconut Point? Visit our Exceptional Lee page to share stories and learn more about our initiative. 

Here are just a few quick things we’ve been told about Lee Health Coconut Point: 

Our Observation Unit 

“This team was outstanding! Attentive, interested in my situation, knowledgeable and so personal and warm. First-class medical professionals and people.” 

Our 24/7 Emergency Department 

“Dr. Suzanne E. Felt believed in me and inspired me. Twenty-three years of pain medication are now a thing of the past. Oh, so wonderful!” 

Our Rehabilitation Team 

“Yazmin is very pleasant and always greets people very kindly. What I find very sweet is she remembers who you are. It’s the small things that matter.” 

Our Registration Experts

“A discharged patient waited three hours for a cab. So Vanessa used her own Uber account and paid for her ride home.” 

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Exceptional Lee

Providing complete and compassionate care, our Lee Health team lives the Exceptional Lee promise: They listen, communicate, and treat all with respect – all in a safe and healing environment.

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