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Sir Elton John Left Flabbergasted By His Ten-Year-Old Son Unusual Hobby

Sir Elton John and David Furnish are shocked that their ten-year-old son, Zachary, has forgone screentime for fishing.  Furnish says he’s “obsessed” with the sport and has fished in a lake and the at sea, more recently he was able to try fly fishing and he loved it. “I love that he’s embraced fly-fishing so much – there’s so many distractions for kids today with phones, iPads and video games, internet and television and everything,” said Furnish.

Even though Elton and David have little to no experience with fishing it hasn’t stopped them from giving Zach the freedom to explore the sport, “He’s learned a lot about it on YouTube, there’s angling magazines you can get in the newsagents here in Britain so he’s picked up a lot of those and he’s just dived into all aspects of it, really researching it and he knows it all so well now,” said David.

Elton John through the years:

Elton John Son

Elton John Son


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