A 15-year-old McDonalds employee is being hailed a hero after jumping through a drive-thru window without hesitation to save a choking customer, according to the Eden Prairie Police Department.

The Twin Cities teenager, Sydney Raley, was working at the Eden Prairie McDonald’s Saturday when she noticed a customer “coughing profusely” at the drive-thru window, authorities said in a press release. 

Raley immediately jumped out of the window, pulled the woman from the car and started doing the Heimlich maneuver. When she noticed she was going to need more help, she called on a bystander who helped dislodge the food from the woman’s throat.

The woman’s airway was clear by the time officers arrive. Two of the officers each gave the teen a $50  bill as part of the department’s “Cops & Cash for the Holidays” program.

“We’re very proud of Sydney. She’s a great example of how all of us – no matter our age or position – can make a difference in our communities,” EPPD Sgt. Scott Mittelstadt said.


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