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Recording artist Britney Spears performs onstage at T-Mobile Arena on September 24, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Britney Spears is celebrating her new life as a free woman — and baring it all on social media.

The 40-year-old princess of pop showed how “Free woman energy has never felt better” by posting a full-frontal nude photo on Instagram, covering up her private parts with little pink emojis. She wore white thigh-high tights with a matching white choker necklace. The “Womanizer” singer let her hair loose for the mirror selfies yesterday (January 6).

She followed up that post with one with a few more garments of clothing, showing off her first pair of high-waisted bikini bottoms. “This is my first high waisted bathing suit 👙 ever …my fiancé likes it but I’m not sure 🤔,” she wrote. “…. It’s crazy cool cause you can adjust it high or low 💋💋💋 !!!”

Edit (10/20/2022): Those posts appear to have been removed. But she posted a new one this week:  https://sunny1063.com/2022/10/19/britney-spears-posts-another-noodie/



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