Young people sitting on sofa and drinking beer

Officials are now searching for Florida teens who broke into an $8M waterfront home to throw a party.

The home, located in Walton Beach, was vandalized during an open house party attended by over 200 teens and young adults.  The video was posted to social media and has been shared hundred of times, reaching tens of thousands of people.

Who in the right mind thinks it’s ok to do this, and THEN posts it to social media!  This type of content spreads like wildfire on social media.

According to Walton County Sheriff’s Office, the break in occurred early Saturday morning when deputies were called out to Blackwater Street in neighborhood Watercolor for a noise complaint.

The sheriff’s office went on to say,

“Here’s another sliver of information; Snapchat isn’t private. You may think it is if you are a teenager or someone in their early 20s and you are not yet worldly. Your friends will snitch. Word gets out. You’ll be tagged in pics on the Gram”

“The feeling when you know someone went into your closet, tried on your clothes, and used your bathroom doesn’t have a dollar amount attached to it. Especially in a place where you’re supposed to feel safe,” said WCSO.

Posted by Walton County Sheriff's Office, Florida on Monday, June 20, 2022

Posted by Walton County Sheriff's Office, Florida on Monday, June 20, 2022

Posted by Walton County Sheriff's Office, Florida on Monday, June 20, 2022

7 Things To Know About Florida’s New Noise in Cars Law

  • #1: The 25 Feet Rule.

    If someone 25 feet away can hear the music you have cranked up, you could get cited.

  • #2: Quiet Zones.

    This law is specific to areas near homes, churches, schools and hospitals.

  • #3: Exemptions.

    If you’re a cop, fire truck or ambulance driver, you’re off the hook

  • #4: Even If You're Moving...

    It’s considered a nonmoving violation so your insurance rates won’t go up.

  • #5: It's Not Just Music.

    They say even cell phone conversations could count just like a car radio, tape player, or compact disc player. Wait. Tape player? What year is this!?

  • #6: Enforcement Begins Soon.

    Looks like some agencies are ready to enforce… Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office says they’re starting July 1.

  • #7: This Law Was Done Away With Years Ago.

    A decade ago this law was deemed unconstitutional by the Florida Supreme Court.  Will this bring on a new lawsuit? Time will tell.