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Churrasco at Trattoria Mia's Piattelli wine dinner

Today we are wining and dining Argentinean style for Wine Wednesday.

While some wines are perfect for sipping, ideally wine is meant for food. One of the best ways to experience the two together is by attending wine dinners at local restaurants.

Last night I reserved a seat for an Argentinean dinner at Trattoria Mia in Fort Myers. Each of the four courses perfectly paired with a different wine from Piattelli Vineyards.

When thinking of wines from Argentina, my thoughts immediately go to malbec, a big deep red that is the country’s flagship. For the whites, Argentina is best known for its Torrontes and that was our first course.

Piatttelli Vineyards Torrontes

Piatttelli Vineyards Torrontes from Argentina served as a first course at Trattoria Mia’s wine dinner

Torrontes is a fantastic summer wine. 

This one smelled a bit floral. It was tropical, fresh and had enough acid, in a good way, to make me salivate a little bit. 

First Course

It went particularly well with the first course which came in these cute little red crocs, just enough.

Called Provoleta, the dish consisted of Provolone cheese that was baked and browned then topped with a roasted tomato and the description said “a delicate chimichurri.”

Second and Third Course

Provoleta at Trattoria Mia

Provoleta at Trattoria Mia was paired with a Torrontes from Argentina The wine was the perfect accompaniment to the salt and fat found in this dish.

The next two dishes were traditional and delicious, a beef empanada with Piattelli Reserve Malbec. Both had a little bit of bell pepper.

Then there was the churrasco, a traditional gilled steak, with Piattelli Grand Reserve Cabernet. The wine was silky and fantastic with the meat that was topped with flavorful chimichurri.

Alfajores at Trattoria Mia in Fort Myers

Alfajores for dessert at Trattoria Mia in Fort Myers. Served with a sparkling wine from Piattelli Vineyards

Grand Finale

Although I’m not a huge dessert person I could not wait for it. Argentina is famous for alfajores, a cookie sandwich filled with dulce de leche. At this dinner it was served with one of my favorite things to drink, sparkling wine. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. 

The Piattelli Brut Nature Sparkling was made with pinot noir and chardonnay and danced perfectly with the dessert. 

Now that we are in the slower summer months, take advantage of local wine dinners when you can. They are great ways to be introduced to new things. 

Cheers to wining and dining Argentinean style for Wine Wednesday.

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