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Beach in Bonaire at Del Fins Resort

Even though we have access to some amazing beaches in Southwest Florida, Last week I found myself in beautiful Bonaire for some R&R and it blew away my expectations.

Gina Birch in Bonaire

Gina Birch enjoying a tropical cocktail in Bonaire


Bonaire is a Dutch island in the southern Caribbean, close to Venezuela. It is part of the ABC chain which also includes Aruba and Curacao which are a little more populated and better known

Bonaire is laid back, known for it’s outstanding diving, thriving coral reefs and pristine waters. People would just pull off the side of the road, put on their tanks walk out into the water for a dives, day and night.

1000 steps in Bonaire

1000 steps in Bonaire is a popular spot for diving, it’s only about 65 steps down to the water from the road, but coming back up, it feels like 1000

The terrain is quite diverse, from mangrove forests to dry dessert.

Dessert terrain on Bonaire

Dessert terrain on Bonaire

The south part of the island has rustic beach clubs and an inlet that is perfect for learning to windsurf.

WIndsurfing in Bonaire

Windsurfing in Bonaire at Jibe City

Kralendijk is the main town, the capital of Bonaire. It is bustling by this islands standards, sleepy  compared to neighboring Aruba and Curacao.

Downtown Kralendijk, Bonaire's capital

Downtown Kralendijk, Bonaire’s capital, is full of color, restaurants and shops

Rincon is the only other town on the island and if you blink, you might miss it. People travel here to eat at a local restaurant known for it’s goat stew and iguana soup. I’ll add a video of me eating the iguana shortly.  Did it taste like chicken? hhhmmmmm

Goat Stew

Goat Stew is a local specialty at Posada Para Mira in Rincon, Bonaire

Also in Rincon is the Cadushy Distillery. They make spirits out of the cacti found all over the island. You’ll find Cadushy liquors, spirits and beer all over the island but a visit to the distillery is a fun time.

Cadushy Ditillery

Eric Gietman, CEO & Master Distiller of Cadushy Distillery in Bonaire

Native Animals

Flamingos are found in the wild. There are several lakes where they like to congregate and their pink colors are a lovely accent to the landscape. Flamingo products are found in every store, the airport is even named after them.

Flamingos on Bonaire

Flamingos in the wild in Bonaire

Donkeys also wander the island and can be seen along most inland roads. There is also a donkey sanctuary that is cool and odd at the same time. You can drive through and even feed the donkeys–if you dare.

Donkeys on Bonaire

Donkeys are found in the wild and in a sanctuary on Bonaire


The food is fantastic. There are some amazing restaurants on this island. The seafood is phenomenal and its fun to try many Dutch specialties as well. Almost every restaurant serves them.

Senang Restaurant oyster

Senang Restaurant on Bonaire serves Asian inspired food like this oyster with black bean sauce

Brass Boer is one of the best restaurants and a reservation is a must. It is the creation of Michelin starred chefs Jonnie and Thérèse Boer. The restaurant is on the water and food is exquisite in every way.

Brass Boer

Exquisite food at the Brass Boer restaurant on Bonaire

Besides flamingos and donkeys, Bonaire is also known for its salt flats. They are so cool to see and you can’t leave without buying salts for both cooking and soaking in the tub.

Salt flats in Bonaire

Salt flats in Bonaire

Checkout this video on my Instagram page. This one too.